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Is there any way around to store a value( stored on server variable ) to the extension made on crossrider while the user installs the extension to his browser ? This is something when the user initiates the installation of the browser add-on !!

Say a situation like: I am made a browser extension, and display the link to download and install the extension on my website. Now I need to store a value taken from php and store it locally somewhere in the extension which the user can't delete unless uninstalled the extension itself.

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You can do this from within the extension as long as the server variable can be fetched using a URL (e.g. create a php page that simply returns the value of the server variable).


Depending on whether you need to process the returned data, you can use one of the following approaches to fetch and save the value.

Note: I recommend implementing this step in your background.js file so that it executes ONLY once when the extension first runs.

Method 1 [Response does not require processing]: Use the appAPI.db.setFromRemote() method to fetch and save the value.

var serverVar = appAPI.db.get('serverVar');
if (!serverVar) {
        "<URL>", // URL to fetch the server variable
        'serverVar' // Name of key to use for saving the value

Method 2 [Response does require processing]: Use the appAPI.request.get() method to fetch the value, process the response, and then use the appAPI.db.set() method [For more information, see http://docs.crossrider.com/#!/api/appAPI.db-method-set] to save the value:

var serverVar = appAPI.db.get('serverVar');
if (!serverVar) {
        "<URL>", // URL to fetch the server variable
        function(response, headers) { // onSuccess callback function
            // process the reponse as required
            // e.g. trim leading and trailing spaces
            var myProcessedData = response.replace(/^\s\s*/, '').replace(/\s\s*$/, '');

            // save data to local db
            appAPI.db.set('serverVar', myProcessedData);


Once the server variable is saved to the local database, it can be retrieved from within the extension background scope or page scope using the appAPI.db.get() method [For more information, see http://docs.crossrider.com/#!/api/appAPI.db-method-get], as follows:

var serverVar = appAPI.db.get("serverVar");
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