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For some reason, the "Create content" menu item was displaying for Anon, even though there was nothing in that tree or at that path. (Anon can only create a certain type of content, but that has been moved to its own top-level navigation item.)

To solve this, I used hook_menu_alter():

 * Remove "create content" from the menu if the user is anon
function odp_menu_alter(&$items){
    global $user;
    if ($user->uid == 0) {

For some reason, this also influenced the superuser account. I disabled the module with that code. Now the Create Content link is back, but it leads to this error:

Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in modules\system\system.module on line 626

All the subtree links that were below Create Content still work.

I've flushed all the caches. What is happening?

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What other third party modules do you have running? Sounds like there is a code bug somewhere, but that is awfully difficult to diagnose from here.

I would try posting on the Drupal issue queue.

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