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As I know I can rewrite this active record query

Some.where("a = :a and b = :b", { :a => params[:a], :b => params[:b] })

this way:

Some.where(:a => params[:a], :b => params[:b])

Now I need to rewrite this query:

Some.where("a = :a and b > :b", { :a => params[:a], :b => params[:b] })

How can I get it ?

I can use range conditions:

Some.where(:a => params[:a], :b => params[:b]+1..100000)

But I can not be sure in the constant 100000.

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Why do you need to rewrite it as the second style? It seems that having a comparison array with 100000 items in it is going to be slower than the original version. – Douglas F Shearer Nov 9 '12 at 11:53
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I can't see why you "need" to rewrite it. It works as-is, and there is no way to do it properly with hash-based conditions.

That said, if you aren't a fan of SQL making a mess in your Ruby, you could take a look at the excellent Squeel gem which lets you rewrite things like

where("name LIKE :name AND salary < :salary", {:name => "A%", :salary => 50000})


where{(name =~ "A%") & (salary < 50000)}

which I think is pretty cool.

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