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I'd like to search through ten terminal servers after users that are running a specific program. I want the output to include process, computername and user.

This command basically does what I want:

Invoke-Command -ComputerName (Get-Content .\test-servers.txt) -ScriptBlock { get-wmiobject win32_process|where{$_.name -eq "iexplore.exe" }|select name, __SERVER,@{n="owner";e={$_.getowner().user}}} | Format-Table name, PSComputerName, owner -AutoSize

name         PSComputerName owner 
----         -------------- ----- 
iexplore.exe mrdsh-test     dojo03
iexplore.exe mrdsh-test     dojo03
iexplore.exe mrdsh-test     baob12
iexplore.exe mrdsh-test     baob12

But when I try to create a script which takes the process as a parameter I can't get it to work.

Param (

Invoke-Command -ComputerName (Get-Content .\test-servers.txt) -ScriptBlock { get-wmiobject win32_process | where{param($process)$_.name  -eq $process } | select name, __SERVER,@{n="owner";e={$_.getowner().user}}} | Format-Table name, PSComputerName, owner -AutoSize

I haven't managed to send the $process parameter to the server that's invoking the command. How to I do that? Or is there an easier way to look for processes and return process, computername and username?

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'I can't get it to work'... have you some error? –  CB. Nov 9 '12 at 12:55

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You have param($process) in your where scriptblock, and you don't set it, so it will be empty.


As requested, taking param out the following works on my machine:

Param (

Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock { get-wmiobject win32_process | where{ $_.name  -eq $process } | select name, __SERVER,@{n="owner";e={$_.getowner().user}}} | Format-Table name, PSComputerName, owner -AutoSize

It also works in Powershell version 1:

powershell -version 1.0 -noprofile -Command ".\test.ps1 -process 'chrome.exe'"

works just fine.

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I thought I'm setting it by adding it as a parameter when I run the script "LookForProcess.ps1 iexplore.exe" –  Markus Nov 9 '12 at 12:03
Have you tried it without the param($process) in the where block? Still have issues? The parameter of the script is a different one from the one in your where block. –  Marcus Nov 9 '12 at 12:13
There's no difference in the results if I remove param($process) in the where block. Ok, it's my first attempt of writing a powershell script. Learning by doing :) –  Markus Nov 9 '12 at 12:21
Not sure I can help then, I tested it locally and it works just fine for me. –  Marcus Nov 9 '12 at 12:33
Oh, that's strange. Could you paste your working script? Perhaps I've made some small mistake that you haven't done. –  Markus Nov 9 '12 at 12:40

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