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I'm unable to call powershell with start-process when i'm passing both scriptfile and parameters

start-process powershell d:\startTask.ps1 "param1" "param2" "param3"

My startTask.ps1 looks like below

echo "x: $x"
echo "y: $y"
echo "z: $z"
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Start-Process Powershell -ArgumentList "-noexit","-File d:\startTask.ps1 param1 param2 param3"
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The key thing to note here is the use of -ArgumentList. The OP's arguments are all going to the command he's calling, Start-Process, and not Powershell like he thinks. – SpellingD Nov 9 '12 at 17:46
& powershell d:\startTask.ps1 "param1" "param2" "param3"
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