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Hi Friends, I am using Teleric RadListbox and have issue with SelectedItems as it is readonly and I need the list of selected Items to be collected in a observable collection and perform further operation on it for this I am using EventTrigger and it fires, but I am unable to pass the command to argument as I am not using MVVM light or other framework and also I binded the

SelectedIndex="{Binding Path=AuSelectedIndex, Mode=TwoWay,  UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}" 

SelectedIndex Property to viewmdoel as above but this doesn't fire everytime I select a new Item and the _auSelectedIndex remains 0 everytime.

public void AuditLogSelectionChanged()

Belwo is my RadList code snippet is there any other approach to achive the same i.e. selectedItems in ObservableCollection.

<telerik:RadListBox x:Name="RadListBox" Height="120" Grid.Row="3" Margin="10 10 10 10" ItemsSource="{Binding OutputIndexFields, Mode=TwoWay}" IsTextSearchEnabled="{Binding ElementName=IsTextSearchEnabledCheckBox, Path=IsChecked, Mode=TwoWay}"                  TextSearchMode="{Binding ElementName=TextSearchModeComboBox}" SelectionMode="Multiple"  IsEnabled="{Binding ElementName=IsEnabledCheckBox, Path=IsChecked}"> 
                            <i:EventTrigger SourceObject="{Binding ElementName=RadTabCtrlAdminSetting}"
                                <ei:CallMethodAction MethodName="LogSelectionChanged"
                                             TargetObject="{Binding DataContext, ElementName=RadTabCtrlAdminSetting}" />
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To further brief my issue it's similar to go4answers.webhost4life.com/Example/… but with out a solution. –  Harry Nov 11 '12 at 14:28

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