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I have access of a database which has two tables. These two tables have a common key which from the documentation means are the table are related. When I inquired about the two tables I was told that of course there is relationship but is not enforced.

I used Visual Studio 2010 and created an Entity Model and as expected its shows two tables with no relationship.

I need to create a relationship between these two on the model and have two questions. First I am using asp.net MVC 3 and want a relationship which is 0..1 to many. This is because when I delete a value or update in Table A, I want related values to be affected.

Second I need help on showing these related values from my entity model on same page on my view.

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A common FK is not a relation ship between the tables. If you need to make a relationship, first find your requirements and then you can decide which table has to refer to the other. –  peer Nov 9 '12 at 12:11
@peer From the documentation they sent, the two tables are related but they don't want a relationship enforced on their database because of other applications that access the database as well. –  Sithelo Nov 9 '12 at 12:15

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Here, I am providing some links of you-tube video this will help full to understand clearly. Microsoft Entity Framework 1 and second one is Microsoft Entity Framework 2, this will be surely help you to understand.

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