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This is my method:

$.validator.addMethod("password_verify_old", function(value, element){ 

         type: "GET", 
         url: verify_old_password_url,
         data: {oldPassword: value},   
         dataType: "json",
         success: function (msg) { 
           return eval(msg);

}, "Old password is incorrect."); 

Here, I'm calling my controller which returns just a "true" String. Why does the jquery.validate.js interpret this as 'false'?

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maybe because ajax is asynchronous, so your validate function has already finished when the response arrives... – Tallmaris Nov 9 '12 at 12:53

I dont believe you can add a validation method using addMethod that calls ajax

What you are looking for is remote option in the rules, which will make an ajax call to a url specified for the value in the input

       rules:{ your_field :{
               remote: check_passwordurl,

Oh yea have your check password url return a boolean true or false, else you would need todo some extra coding as this SO shows How do I use jquery validate remote validation on a field that depends on another field in the form? How can I trigger a jquery remote validation call even when the input field is unchanged?

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