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I am trying to reference a string stored in a .xml file, and every time i reference it I just get a string of numbers.

      if (Medals.medal_counter1 == 0) {
            victory.setMessage("you won " + R.string.medal01);


Here is the stored string.

<string name="medal01">&quot;A medal&quot;</string>

The dialog I actually get is something more like this,

"you won 21310334567"

Any solutions?

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Btw why was this question downvoted ? –  fiddler Nov 9 '12 at 12:39
it hasn't been has it? –  8BitSensei Nov 9 '12 at 13:24
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That's because you are getting the string resource's ID. If you want to retrieve the actual string content you need to use Context.getString(int resourceId) method.

For instance, from inside an Activity:

victory.setMessage("you won " + getString(R.string.medal01));


victory.setMessage("you won " + victory.getContext().getString(R.string.medal01));
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Try this

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- What you are referring to using R.string.medal01 is an public static final integer value in R.java file.

- Use below instead:

victory.setMessage("you won " + getString(R.string.medal01));
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