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I am trying to implement Twitter integration in Android, and also to send tweets programmatically. I searched a lot on the Internet, but I am not getting the proper example for twitter integration and sending the tweet. If any one has a proper example of Android Twitter integration and sending the tweet, please share the link.

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Have you look at this my question on SO:… – iDroid Explorer Nov 9 '12 at 13:39

I used this project to post message on facebook , twitter and linkedin. You can try this :

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Same problem i had seen when I'm doing same thing but my searching is stopped with below link:-

Below link show you how to generate key with Twitter and other social media

Now below link is source code where u find out source code

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First Generate the CUSTOMER KEY AND CUSTOMER SECRET then add the twitter4j jar into your project. then i guess this link will help u as a simple example

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You can use Twitter4J, here are some examples.

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Twitter OAuth integration in Android

Find further code and implementation here:

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