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Getting attributes of Enum’s value

This is my class:

public sealed class LabelAttribute : Attribute

    public LabelAttribute(String labelName)
        Name = labelName;

    public String Name { get; set; }


and I want to get the fields of the attributes:

public enum ECategory
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Read the ECategory.Safe Label attribute value:

var type = typeof(ECategory);
var info = type.GetMember(ECategory.Safe.ToString());
var attributes = info[0].GetCustomAttributes(typeof(LabelAttribute), false);
var label = ((LabelAttribute)attributes[0]).Name;
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You can Create an Extension:

public static class CustomExtensions
    public static string GetLabel(this ECategory value)
      Type type = value.GetType();
      string name = Enum.GetName(type, value);
      if (name != null)
        FieldInfo field = type.GetField(name);
        if (field != null)
          LabelAttribute attr = Attribute.GetCustomAttribute(field, typeof(LabelAttribute )) as LabelAttribute ;
          if (attr != null)
            return attr.Name;
      return null;

Then you can do:

var category = ECategory.Safe;    
var labelValue = category.GetLabel();
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I think you're missing the parameter name in the function –  Paolo Tedesco Nov 9 '12 at 13:07
@PaoloTedesco fixed –  Default Nov 9 '12 at 13:08
var fieldsMap = typeof(ECategory).GetFields()
    .Where(fi => fi.GetCustomAttributes().Any(a => a is LabelAttribute))
    .Select(fi => new
        Value = (ECategory)fi.GetValue(null),
        Label = fi.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(LabelAttribute), false)
    .ToDictionary(f => f.Value, f => f.Label);

Afterwards you can retrieve the label for each value like this:

var label = fieldsMap[ECategory.Safe];
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