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Would modifyBindings worked as promised this test should pass:

import org.scalatest.FunSuite
import org.scala_tools.subcut.inject.NewBindingModule
import org.scala_tools.subcut.inject.BindingModule
import org.scala_tools.subcut.inject.Injectable
import org.junit.Test

case class Resource1(name: String)

class ResourceClient(implicit val bindingModule: BindingModule) extends Injectable {
    val res1 = inject[Resource1]

object Config1 extends NewBindingModule(module => {
    module.bind[Resource1] toSingle new Resource1("name1")

class TestModifyBindings extends FunSuite {

def test1() {
    implicit val bindingModule = Config1
    val rc = new ResourceClient
    assert( == "name1")
    Config1.modifyBindings { module =>
        module.bind[Resource1] toSingle new Resource1("name2")
        val rc2 = new ResourceClient //not sure if rc can be used here
        assert( == "name2") //FAILS


Any ideas about what I missed?

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1 Answer 1

If you make

    Config1.modifyBindings { module =>


    Config1.modifyBindings { implicit module =>

does that fix it?

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+1 Sorry, I don't use Scala for quite a long time already and cannot verify your answer. – alehro Oct 24 '13 at 8:40

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