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The iOS App Store offers schools 50% discounts on bulk purchases which is great. Is there a way to determine, at the app's runtime, if the app was installed via an educational purchase?

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At runtime? No. There is no way to get any information about the purchase of your app.

In sales reports, thats another question.

I would assume attempting to modify functionality of the app based on educational purchase is against apple's rules. Your contract states:

In addition, you may, at your election via iTunes Connect, instruct Apple to market the Licensed Applications at a discount of 50% of Your established price tier for authorized institutional customers.

Which sounds to me like you can optionally agree to ship the same app but at a reduced price.

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Unfortunately this is probably the right answer. Apple really is quite annoying that they won't tell you anything about your users. – Jason Nov 9 '12 at 21:41

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