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I'm looking for a term that means "non-reference" data i.e. any data in a database that strictly ISN'T reference data.

      Master Data
          /  \
         /    \
        /      \
       /        \
      /          \
Reference Data   ???

Is there such a term? Would have thought there must be but can't seem to find one - constructive suggestions gratefully received.

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Customer Data perhaps? Using "Customer" in a broad sense. So it might cover an internal list of Departments as well as Purchases.

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Good effort and nice to get a reply after winning a "Tumbleweed" badge for this one. But I can't help feeling a better term is needed as the customer probably thinks they own their reference data as well. E.g. for a cigarette company the reference data might include lists of ingredients and the "non-reference" data might include sales of each product. Could be wrong but I'd think of both these as Customer Data. –  Steve Chambers Mar 18 '13 at 16:14

Transaction Data is another possibility. Again using "Transaction" in a broad sense. According to Wikipedia Transaction Data requires a time value.

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Hmmm again this is close but no cigar I think. The Wikipedia article says "Transaction data always has a time dimension". So it sounds like this is a subset of "non-reference" data since time might not be relevant. E.g. coming back to the example above, the number of milligrams of each ingredient in a cigarette is "non-reference" data without a time element. –  Steve Chambers Apr 25 '13 at 13:24
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It was a while ago I asked this but my own personal favoured answer would be Operational Data, which could be interpreted to mean data that can be modified by business operations.

It is also possibile to take this a bit further and broadly dividing into three (although there may be some crossover between these):-

  • Reference Data: Fixed for the whole duration of an application.
  • Operational Data: Directly Managed by the application during normal business operations.
  • Transient Data: Can change by external processes without being directly controlled by the application.
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