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Is posible in Three.js to have a mesh always rendered in top of the scene, even if it's position is behind all objects? I'm implementing a lasso selection with a mesh and I need to render the selecting box in top of the rest of the scene.

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First do this:

renderer.autoClear = false;

Then create a second scene that contains just the objects you want to be on top. Then, in your render loop:

renderer.clear();                     // clear buffers
renderer.render( scene, camera );     // render scene 1
renderer.clearDepth();                // clear depth buffer
renderer.render( scene2, camera );    // render scene 2

three.js r.66

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Oh yeah...that did the trick. Thank you very much!! –  Leprosy Nov 9 '12 at 14:59
WestLangley, you've shown me the directionalLight once again! –  Jackalope Mar 3 at 21:39
Is this the only way? I was trying to achieve the same effect with mesh.renderDepth, material.depthTest and material.depthWrite but to no avail. –  Andrew May 23 at 23:10
@Andrew Please make a post if you have a question. –  WestLangley May 24 at 0:04

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