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Border-radius works for all browser except IE (I test it with IE8). The solution is to put behavior:url(PIE.htc); into the css class. Looks like the path behavior:url(PIE.htc); is correct, because:

1) PIE.htc is in the root folder and

2) the background disappears if I use behavior:url(PIE.htc); and

3) the background appears again if I use behavior:url(/any/other/wrong/path/to/PIE.htc);

So, I believe behavior:url(PIE.htc); is used properly. Unfortunately,

border:5px solid red;
//here are a couple of strings for radius settings that are work for other browsers

removes the background in IE but the borders are still not rounded in IE. I've read PIE FAQ, played with position:relative; z-index and zoom. all together and separately. Nothing helps. Does anybody know why?

Added: I have found the problem but don't know the solution. The problem is this css:

 visibility  : hidden;

where #page-content contains the whole page. It is hidden (as you see above) until

$(window).bind("load", function ()
    /*jumping fonts fix*/
    $('#page-content').css('visibility', 'visible');

So when the page is loaded, it becomes visible. The reason I make it hidden until loaded because one of browsers loads the page although special fonts are not loaded yet. That's a good solution so the page doesn't jump until it is fully loaded. Unfortunately, now I have to choose between these two fixes. How to combine them both - rounded corners for IE and font jump fixer? Thanks a lot.

P.S. The font jump fixer above is my modification of Using jQuery to know when @font-face fonts are loaded

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