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In the documentar from SlidingMenu is written down:

Go into the SlidingActivities that you plan on using make them extend Sherlock__Activity instead of __Activity.

The setup should be ok, I followed the guide, but if I try to extend my Activity with for example: SlidingSherlockFragmentActivity or SherlockSlidingFragmentActivity doesn't work.

If I extend my Activity with SherlockFragmentActivity I can't get the SlidingMenu with getSlidingMenu() or call setBehindContentView.

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Nevermind, go into the SlidingMenu library and extend the Activity by SherlockFragmentActivity instead of FragmentActivity

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Go to activities of library SlidingMenu and extends all activities to SherlockActivities corresponding, after go to your app and extends all activities to SlidingActivity corresponding.

Example: SlidingMenu:

SlidingActivity extends SherlockActivity
SlidingMapActivity extends SherlockMapActivity

Example: MyClass

MyClass extends SlidingActivity
MyClass extends SlidingMapActivity
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