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I'm running Drupal7 with the GMap module. I have a content type with a text field (field name is Location) which contains an address. I want to display a map with pins for each address. I have setup a View using "Extended GMap" and I have added the text field and chose "Address for dynamic geocoding". I have also added an exposed filter of Postal Code to allow a user to enter the zip code and get a list of nodes near them. How can I accomplish this task?

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Can you give a bit more information about what's not working for you? What are you seeing? My Drupal GMap knowledge is very limited, but the extra info will help other potential-answerers too! Alternatively, as this was a while ago, do answer your own question if you've solved it in the meantime! Thanks –  Sam May 21 '13 at 15:17
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I have create same: Content Type: Projects with Location Field to set Address, City, State, Country based on Lat, Log set ( But not auto generate ) I don't know why? But when click on map and select will work fine.

after that I have created one View of Type "Gmap" and Select Content Type is "Project" But view is only display me the Static Map.

I want here all the markers to show me each node Location.

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