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I'm using Mustache as a very basic templating engine for my users to create configuration files. I need these formatted as plain text not html.

Currently I have things working fine in my html templates but I can't get it to render as plain text.

I have the following in my html template:

 <div id="network" data-json-url="<%= @nas %>">
 <div id="sampleArea2"></div>
 <script id="network_details" type="text/template">
 <%= simple_format(@location.body) %>

Where @location.body is a user editable text area:

 option foo {{ location_sausage }}
 option bar '{{ location_sheep }}'

This outputs something like this:

 option foo barbara
 option bar 'margo'

Is there a simple way to convert this to plain text - previously, before mustache, I just used in my controller:


-- UPDATE --

Previously using erb, I did something like this to render the field in the view as text:

 <%= (ERB.new(@config.body).result(binding)).html_safe %>

I've tried replacing this with:

 <%= Mustache.render(@config.body).html_safe %>

But there's no data fetched in the request.

Any suggestions welcome.

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1. What exacly library do you use for Rails integration? –  Mark Guk Nov 9 '12 at 16:09
2. Why just not use erb for text templating? For example index.text.erb –  Mark Guk Nov 9 '12 at 16:10
I'm using github.com/defunkt/mustache And the reason why I'm not using erb is that I didn't want the end user entering <%= @location.something %> Do you think it would be better to go back to pure erb? –  simonmorley Nov 9 '12 at 16:41
ERB is definitely fastest, but for your case of using Mustache as some sort of user-formatting I would keep it with caution as user input should be always processed with care. –  Mark Guk Nov 12 '12 at 19:33
Thanks. Fortunately it's just for admins right now but has already caused issues. Sticking with Mustache and am going to control which vars can be used (somehow). –  simonmorley Nov 12 '12 at 22:37

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I was correct using:

 <%= Mustache.render(@config.body).html_safe %>

Found I needed to define my variables better:

 <%= Mustache.to_html(@config.body, @location).html_safe %>

Hope that's helpful to someone out there

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