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I would like to pass JSON arrays and list of JSON objects to Reasteasy GET method in query string. How can I access them in the service method?

For example on array, if the parameter name is "employeeId", I would like to pass ?employeeId=[1,2,3] instead of passing ?employeeId=1&employeeId=2&employeeId=3

For list of objects, I would like to pass something like ?parameter=[{val1, val2},{val1, val2},{val1, val2}]

How can I get these correctly in the server side method?

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you can use the Path annotation and PathParam annotation to pick up the input values

public void someMethod(@PathParam("EmployeeIdArray")String[] employeeIdArray){


using this you can access it as

GET /path/[{val1, val2},{val1, val2},{val1, val2}]

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