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I am new to Doxygen and have been able to create todo items in a module. Can I create a global todo list or is there a better way to get all the todo items in one place?

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All the to do items (created using the doxygen command \todo) appear together on a page called "Todo list", which is located under the "Related Pages" tab (see the image below). This page is a "global" to do list for the whole project. Notice that a page is also created for lists of bugs (cf \bug).

"Related Pages" generated by doxygen, which links to the global todo list.

You can also make your own custom pages appear under the "Related Pages" tab using the generalization of the \todo and \bug commands, \xrefitem. See the \xrefitem documentation for an example which adds a "Reminders" page.

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You can create a tagfile output and use it as input to another Doxygen configuration, but I've not yet successfully gotten xrefitem pages to import that way.

You can export to xml and have a parser read all your todo.xml files and combine them.

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