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I am creating a search script that also pulls in the users latitude & longitude, which can also be uses as basis of the search. I achieve this by using an onLoad method that calls a javascript that should place the code into the form.

<body <?php body_class(); ?> onload="office_getLocation()">
<form name='office_address_search_home' method='post' action='http://domain.com   /address-search-test/#map' class='form-search'>
<input class='office_address_search_input_home input-medium search-query' name='office_address_search' style="height:12px;font-size: 12px;padding-top:5px;" onClick="this.value=''" value="Find Your Nearest Office" />
<input type='hidden' name='region' value='United Kingdom' />
<input type="hidden" name="office_latitude" id="office_latitude_id" value=""/>
<input type="hidden" name="office_longitude" id="office_longitude_id" value="" />
<input name='Submit' class='office_address_submit_home btn' type='submit' value='Search' style='height: 26px;line-height: 12px;' />

function office_getLocation()
if (navigator.geolocation)

function showPosition(position)
document.getElementById("office_latitude_id").value = position.coords.latitude; 
document.getElementById("office_longitude_id").value = position.coords.longitude;

However it doesn't work.

I have echoed the results of showPosition(position) out (the position.coords.latitude & longitude) onto the screen and it is getting them okay, just not assigning them to the hidden values.

Any ideas? Will happily supply more data if need be.


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please check the code you have posted. This looks suspicious: navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(showPosition); –  geocodezip Nov 9 '12 at 17:39

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I figured this out :)

Basically, the code was working above. However the updated geolocation values didn't appear in the source code. I tested this by changing the hidden variables to text boxes, and - eventually (after a second or so after the page finished loading) they appeared. This change wasn't reflected in the source code, but it did work :)

Not sure how useful this will be to anybody, but there you go :)

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