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The mintuiae files of fingerprint images in NIST SD27 are stored in ANIS/NIST Type-9 minutiae record format as .LFF files. http://www.nist.gov/itl/iad/ig/sd27a.cfm

1) How do we extract minutiae from these file formats.

2) I want to run Bozorth3 - http://www.nist.gov/itl/iad/ig/nbis.cfm, on these minutiae files. So I want to convert the Type-9 record format to XYT format (or any text readable format so I can manually convert them to XYT).

Please help me with it. This is one of the most common public databases in fingerprints. Hence, anyone working with it, any pointers would be helpful.


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Have you tried anything yet? –  Ren Nov 9 '12 at 16:02
Hi Ren, I tried the tools (fmr2an2k) available @ biomDI (nist.gov/itl/iad/ig/biomdi.cfm). But it doesnt seem to convert or work. The scripts available along with the NIST SD27 database can only selectively manipulate certain records in Type-9 minutiae format. Its of no use, as much I can see it. –  goodboyanush Nov 10 '12 at 7:27

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