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I am starting a new process using the following code:

    Dim procStartInfo As New ProcessStartInfo
    Dim procExecuting As New Process

    With procStartInfo
        .FileName = "C:\PTL\Bin\xxxxxx.exe"
        .WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Normal
        .Arguments = "/POLL:5"
    End With

    procExecuting = Process.Start(procStartInfo)

But when this is called the application I am calling it from loses focus (even if the window style is set to Hidden), so if I am typing in a text box on the form key presses are effectively lost because they are redirected to the new app.

Is there some way that I can start a process and keep the focus?

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you need to call windows API to hide the window created from the process. check:

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I don't actually want to hide it though, I just don't want the focus going to the other app – Matt Wilko Nov 9 '12 at 16:15

if you want to send keys into the textbox, use sendmessage.

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