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Scalaz has an asMA method, but no asIdentity method. The following produces a compilation error in Scala 2.9.1 as shown:


<console>:14: error: type mismatch;
 found   : None.type (with underlying type object None)
 required: Ordering[?]

which can be fixed with an explicit cast:


It seems to me that this would be more elegant, if asIdentity existed:

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This would get more attention with a scala tag. – Travis Brown Nov 9 '12 at 22:01
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You can use the fact that Identity has a Pure instance:

scala> some(0).pure[Identity] max None
res0: Option[Int] = Some(0)

Note that you need to use some(0) instead of Some(0) here so that you start with something of type Option[Int] instead of Some[Int].

There's also Identity.apply:

scala> Identity(some(0)) max None
res1: Option[Int] = Some(0)

Given these options—and the fact that explicitly indicating that you want to wrap something in Identity is only necessary in a handful of cases like this, where you need to disambiguate—I'd guess the Scalaz designers just didn't see the need for an additional asIdentity method.

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