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I have an exception e, and I would like to transform it into a string which is exactly the same as the standard ruby output on the stderr when the exception is uncaught.

Initial code gives me incorrect order of the stacktrace, and indentation is not correct.

Rather than writing my own code, I'd like to see some "oneliner". How do you do this?

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This will be the same.

puts "#{$@.first}: #{$!.message} (#{$!.class})", $@.drop(1).map{|s| "\t#{s}"}

Or, using e:

puts "#{e.backtrace.first}: #{e.message} (#{e.class})", e.backtrace.drop(1).map{|s| "\t#{s}"}
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Excellent one-liner, gives the exactly same output. Thanks again :-D –  lzap Nov 12 '12 at 9:05

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