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I have created an app the past could of days which has been great so far. I published app to play store and all worked fine.

Last night I uploaded an upgrade version with a few minor changes, when I try to install the app from the market it doesnt work I get ClassNotFoundException as soon as the main activity starts. If I run the app directly from eclipse or I push the compiled APK to the device over adb it works fine.

Has anyone seen this before, its a new one on me.

As per advice on IRC ProGuard is commented out in the properties file.

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Post the logcat with stacktrace and any other errors –  David Wasser Nov 9 '12 at 16:38

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Without more information from logcat (with the android market version), the best guess to try is:

  1. uninstall any versions of your app on your device and redownload it again
  2. export into signed APK and directly push that onto your device with the "adb install MY_APP.apk" and see if that app works. (then make SURE you upload this particular one APK, and not some other one by accident)
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