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I'm building a component for Talend Open Studio for network analysis and I plan to using gephy toolkit, but input data must come from a dataflow (to keep simple let's say a java collection) while gephy-toolkit let you import only from files (lot of different kinds, actually) or even rdbms, but not from java collections.

how can i build a new simple custom importer (if it can be build at first place. It seems possible, at least for GUI gephi cfr. http://wiki.gephi.org/index.php/HowTo_write_an_import)?

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I found the solution by myself: I need to create a Spigot Importer.

  • the factory

    @ServiceProvider(service = ImporterBuilder.class)
    public final class TalendCollectionImporterBuilder implements ImporterBuilder {
    public String getName() {
           return "Talend Flow Connection Importer";
        public SpigotImporter buildImporter() {
           return new TalendCollectionImporter();
  • the importer (stub)

    public class TalendCollectionImporter implements SpigotImporter {
            private ContainerLoader container;
            private Report report;
            private ProgressTicket progressTicket;
            private boolean cancel = false;
            public boolean execute(ContainerLoader loader) {
                this.container = loader;
                this.report = new Report();
                // import stuff
                return !cancel;
            public ContainerLoader getContainer() {
                return container;
            public Report getReport() {
                return report;
            public boolean cancel() {
                cancel = true;
                return true;
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+1 for posting the solution. –  dreamcrash Dec 12 '12 at 23:27

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