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So far i only used GIT to version control my local files, i am now trying to set up a staging environment on a remote server so that later i can push my local development files to the staging server using GIT and eventually to a production server.

So what i did was:

  • initallizaed a bare git repository on my staging server

  • Added that server as a remove on my local version of the site

  • Then ran : git push origin master

I get no error message yet the staging repo is empty, well only the .git folder got updated but the actual files didn't follow.

I found a similar question here Git: Files pushed from local repo not showing up in remote git repo, though i still don't get what i am supposed to do to push my local files?

What would be the proper way to go to achieve this setup ?


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Sorry, just trying to help. –  thatmiddleway Nov 10 '12 at 23:36

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Ok so here is what i got so far.

Pushing a git repo to a remote server does not upload the actual files but rather the "blueprint" of these. So once a repo has been uploaded to a remote server, to be able to work on these files you need to clone that repo. After that the workflow is:

1- Push the files from local to remote repo (central sort of repo)

2- Cloned instances can pull the changes from that repo to stay up to date.

If i got that wrong please correct me.

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