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I am in the making of a restaurant "step by step" ordering app, where I want to list the menu (appetizers, main course etc) in a tableview with the ability to organize the menu contents with a UIPagecontrol. Something similar to the eat24 app way of doing it or how the weather forecast app is constructed.



I already have the tableview set up, now I just need to implement this, which I hope you will help me with or guide me in the right direction, for me to accomplish this :). Would I need to setup a tableview for each of the categories or would it be possible to just update one tableview with the needed information, by swiping to the left or use arrows in a toolbar in the picture? What would the best way to add a toolbar like the one picture (white ring), using the storyboard -> resize tableview and drag the image in or to set it up programmatically?

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Option 1 - Updating your tableView
You may update your dataSource so it reflects the state of the "new" tableView. Than you call reloadSections:withRowAnimation: by using UITableViewRowAnimationRight or UITableViewRowAnimationLeft, depending of whats fitting at the moment. This will feel like scrolling to a new tableView. For swiping you could use a UISwipeGestureRecognizer.

Option 2 - Using a scrollView with multiple tableViews
If you want it a little bit easier just setup three tableViews and throw them in a UIScrollView with paging enabled.

Of course you need to add and setup a UIPageControl, if you want to show those dots.

Regarding the UI:
You can setup everything in your Storyboard. The background, the arrow buttons, the UIPageControl, you can even add the UISwipeGestureRecognizer within the Storyboard.

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Hi Jaydee3, thank you for your usefull answer. I just have one more question. Which method would be best, seen from a memory usage point of view? –  Seya Nov 17 '12 at 20:37
Option 1, because it needs only a single tableView. –  jaydee3 Nov 18 '12 at 11:40

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