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I am adding a new rule in my exisiting .y file. Since I have not changed anything in the corresponding .l file, i am only compiling .y file with bison. Here is my steps:

  1. Compile with command: bison -d -l -p"glbSipParserAcceptContact" AcceptContact. Bison compiles it and generates corresponding .c/.h files.
  2. Build the library in Visul Studio, it gives me error that some tokens are not defined
  3. Compare the auto-generated .c/.h file with its previous verion in the repository and i find that indeed those definitions are missing

I am not sure why! The version of my bison is 1.875 and the repository files have version 1.875b. Is this the reason? If so, then where can i find 1.875b?

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What are the errors? What is your modified .y file? Are you sure the older .c/.h files in the repository you're comparing with correspond to the .y file before your change and not some other version that perhaps never got checked in to the repository? – Chris Dodd Nov 9 '12 at 17:22

Bison 1.875 is really ancient history. The latest release is 2.6.5, and you should really update, at least to avoid having to fight ancient bugs (brr, sounds creepy).

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