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I have created some lists on my Sharepoint. Next, I'm trying to get data from Sharepoint with Java :

ListsSoap listsSoap = new Lists().getListsSoap();
GetListCollectionResult getListCollectionResult = listsSoap.getListCollection();

I have no problem for me authenticate but my result is always a empty list :

[[Lists: null]]

Any ideas ?


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In fact, we have to get the dom response like this :

GetListCollectionResult getListCollectionResult = listSoap.getListCollection();
Object result = getListCollectionResult.getContent().get(0);

if(result != null && result instanceof ElementNSImpl)
    Document document = ((ElementNSImpl)result).getOwnerDocument();

xml is a method which returns the xml string representation of my dom. Finally, I can see my collection of lists :

<Lists xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/soap/">
    <List AllowDeletion="True" AllowMultiResponses="False" ...
    <List AllowDeletion="True" AllowMultiResponses="False" ...

Each List node represents a list in my Sharepoint. Now, simply browse nodes :

NodeList list = ((ElementNSImpl)result).getElementsByTagName("List");

I hope this will help you.

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