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I am using ColdFusion 10 on a hosted server (hostek.com).

I am trying to write a rewrite rule so that any URL with a BikeID will get redirected to a specific page. I have this as the first rule on the page. The other rules I have are working just fine.

Here is my rule:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^bikeid* /redirect/redirect.cfm [NC,NS,L]

This rule works for this URL


This rule does NOT work for this URL


Other rules that I have tried that do not work are as follows:

RewriteRule ^bikeid* /redirect/redirect.cfm [NC,NS,L]
RewriteRule ^*bikeid* /redirect/redirect.cfm [NC,NS,L]
RewriteRule *bikeid* /redirect/redirect.cfm [NC,NS,L]
RewriteRule \?*bikeid* /redirect/redirect.cfm [NC,NS,L]
RewriteRule ^\?*bikeid* /redirect/redirect.cfm [NC,NS,L]
RewriteRule ^\?bikeid* /redirect/redirect.cfm [NC,NS,L]

What do I have to put in the rule to match any URL that contains the phrase "bikeid"?

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My host (hostek.com) FINALLY got back to me and provided me with an answer. I really don't know how it works, as their explanation was totally lacking. It does work though. They instructed me to add this to the botom of my .htaccess file:

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} .+
RewriteRule (.*) /redirect/redirect.cfm$1? [NC,NS,L]
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I've written up an explanation here - hopefully all makes sense. Note the NC flag isn't needed - it stands for nocase but the pattern is already case insensitive. –  Peter Boughton Nov 10 '12 at 0:14

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