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I have a problem when using Restkit (0.10.3)+core data on an iOS 5.0 app. I have a entity ToDo mapped as follow:

RKManagedObjectMapping* map = [self mappingInObjectStore];

[map mapKeyPathsToAttributes:
 @"id"          ,   @"todoID"      ,
 @"message"     ,   @"detail"       ,
 @"created_at"  ,   @"createdAt"    ,
 @"updated_at"  ,   @"updatedAt"   ,

map.primaryKeyAttribute = @"todoID";
[map mapKeyPath:@"location" toRelationship:@"location" withMapping:[TDLocation mapping]];

TDLocation is a simple entity with long,lat, ...

I created an TODO object using [TDTodo object] method and set all needed data, with the exception of todoID (because it will filled by the backend). Later I do the post:

[RKObjectManager sharedManager] postObject:todo usingBlock:^(RKObjectLoader *loader) {
    loader.onDidLoadResponse= ^(RKResponse *response){
        if (response.isOK || response.isCreated) {
            id parsedData = [response parsedBody:nil];
            todo.todoID = [NSNumber numberWithInt: [[parsedData valueForKeyPath:@"acceptedTodo.id"] intValue]]; //just get the assigned id from backend
        [loader cancel];

Up to here, everything is ok. If I do [TDTodo allObjects], I get the posted todo with the assigned id. But later I made a get of todo list and I retrieve two more objects TDTodo containing the same info that the posted todo, so I do [TDTodo allObjects]

{todoID: 1, ...}//posted todo
{todoID: 1, ...} // from the backend with the same info and id that the posted todo
{todoID: 2, ...} // from the backend with the same info that the posted todo, but diff id.

In conclusion, I have 3 (three) duplicated instance of the same object in the object Store. I searched for this problem, but I couldn't find a working solution.

Thanks in advance

UPDATE 1 I solved one part of the problem: "duplicate creation of entities in the back end". This was produce by trying to cancel the response/loader, in concrete this instruction:

[loader cancel];

Also I tried:

[response.request cancel];
[response.request.delegate = nil;

but this produces also the duplicates. So removing this instructions fix that part of the problem.

However, there is still the duplicates in the objectStore:

{todoID: 1, ...}//posted todo`
{todoID: 1, ...} // from the backend with the same info and id that the posted todo`\

How I can solve this? I tried all solution that I found in the web :-(


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