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I am developing a peripheral that uses WiFi and Embedded browser, the peripheral looks like an access point to iPhone (and android) but it is not connected to internet. When I connect my phone to this peripheral via Wifi, I loose internet connection on the phone using 3G.

Is there a way to avoid this? I have control over the software of the peripheral so I can change the IP addresses, gateways etc.

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Are you going to connect your peripheral to the internet via iPhone's 3G network? If so, why don't you use iphone's Personal hotspot feature?

I believe you can't have both wifi & 3G connection without using Personal hotspot mode.

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I expect these devices to be smarter than just, hey here is a wifi, let me connect, and now there is no connection and let me switch to 3G type behavior. – user4749 Nov 11 '12 at 7:09

You can only simulate 3g on your device. In iOS 6 or higher open Settings->Developer->Network Link Conditioner-Status-Choose what you want.

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