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In my django app I display a list of elements (friends name) thanks to a loop:

{% for friend in group %}
    <p>{{ friend.name }} <p>
{% endfor %}

I would like to create a search box on the top of my list in order to be able to find only the friends the user wants, without refreshing the page. And I would like the search bar does not need to click to send the request (an example is the Airtime searchbox on top of the facebook friends list).

I have absolutely no idea on how to do that, and I'm looking for hints or tips to start.

Thank you very much for your help.

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jQuery (or any similiar Ajax library) is your friend. Google is your friend, too. –  Jingo Nov 9 '12 at 17:06
Indeed, JQuery would do the work, I have something similar and I used Twitter bootstrap for the searchbox and JQuery to handle the behaviour. –  PepperoniPizza Nov 9 '12 at 18:35

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As suggested, it's pretty easy with jQuery. Here is a straight forward example:


<input id="searchbox" type="text" placeholder="Search" />
<ul id="friendlist">


// case insensitive ':contains' selector
jQuery.expr[':'].Contains = function(a, i, m) {
    return jQuery(a).text().toUpperCase().indexOf(m[3].toUpperCase()) >= 0;

$(function() {
    $('#searchbox').on('keyup', function() {
        var w = $(this).val();
        if (w) {
            $('#friendlist li').hide();
            $('#friendlist li:Contains('+w+')').show();
        } else {
            $('#friendlist li').show();                  

We need to define the case insensitive :Contains selector since jQuery's built-in :contains is case sensitive and that's probably not what you want.

Here is a working jsFiddle.

As a web developer you should definitely take a closer look at jQuery. You always need it.

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Thank you, it works perfectly. I just have a little problem. I opened a new topic for it, if you wan't to have a look, you could probably help me: stackoverflow.com/questions/13332867/… Thank you again, you helped me a lot! –  Juliette Dupuis Nov 11 '12 at 16:03

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