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I have a form wizard consisting of a few forms (Django 1.4). I am trying to check some condition in process_step function (for a intermediate step), exit form wizard and redirect to the homepage. When I try to redirect with HttpResponseRedirect(<homepage>) at the end of process_step function, it ignores and proceeds to the next form step.

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> When I try to redirect with HttpResponseRedirect(<homepage>) What's the code? How do you try this? –  Pavel Daynyak Nov 9 '12 at 20:40

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Process_step only processes data, what it returns isn't ever rendered. Probably your best bet is to override render_next_step, though you could handle it with a couple other functions as well.

So, override render_next_step, and do something like:

    def render_next_step(self, form, **kwargs):
        data = get_cleaned_data('2')  # or whatever your step with the flag is
        if data.get('your_flag', False):
            return HttpResponseRedirect()
        return super(Wizard, self).render_next_step(self, form, **kwargs)

You may also want to add a condition before getting cleaned data, to check what the current or next step is.

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For Django to actually render the next step, it needs to do a return HttpResponse, or return render_to_response, etc. So most likely the control flow is simply never getting to the HttpResponseRedirect.

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return HttpResponse(..) doesn't work either. –  sefatron Nov 9 '12 at 17:34

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