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im trying to get jquery validation to my symfony 2 project for long time. It work fine with default messages. But cant get there custom messages. There is problem with name of inputs. When i try something like this:

rules: {
   xxx_backbundle_offerstype[title]: "required"
},messages: {
   xxx_backbundle_offerstype[title]: "This field is required"

I get this error "missing operator after id". I think, it is JS error, but i dont know, how to solve it. Is it actually possible, to use jquery validation inf symfony.

Thank you for any tips

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try below, use single quotes

rules: {
   'xxx_backbundle_offerstype[title]': "required"
},messages: {
   'xxx_backbundle_offerstype[title]': "This field is required"
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Thank you very much. It solved my problem. – gavec Nov 9 '12 at 18:33
you are Welcome sir! – Gowri Nov 9 '12 at 18:33

If you embed your JavaScript in HTML, you could do this (at least I'm doing it this way):

rules: {
    '{{ }}': 'required'
messages: {
    '{{ }}': 'This field is required!'

By doing this, you won't have to update your script when you update your form item's name.

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