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I am new to Htable and there is something I would like to do. I'm looking for a value in the table "test". I found that I have to use the Filter system with ValueFilter function. Here are the commands that I have tested so far:

scan 'test',{FILTER=>"ValueFilter(CompareFilter.CompareOp.EQUAL,Bytes.toBytes('test'))"}

scan 'test',{FILTER=>"ValueFilter(CompareFilter.CompareOp.EQUAL,'test')"}

But I see this error every time :

ERROR: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Incorrect filter string ValueFilter(CompareFilter.CompareOp.EQUAL,Bytes.toBytes('test')

What is wrong with my filter? ( the Prefix filters works well )

This one didn't worked either: doing a ValueFilter or a ColumnFilter on hbase shell

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