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Iam coding a HTML5 game, I did exactly as tutorial but I've got an error "Uncaught TypeError: Object is not a function". Anyone can help me?

  var amplitude = 150;
  var period = 2000;
  animation = new Kinetic.Animation({
      func: function (frame)
      hook.setY(amplitude * Math.sin(frame.time * 2 * Math.PI / period));
      node: shapesLayer
  fisherGroup.on("mousedown", function(){

I created: hook = new Kinetic.Image() and fisherGroup = new Kinetic.Group() above this paragraph.

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Is func: necessary prior to function? Why does that strike me as incorrect? –  Brant Nov 9 '12 at 20:00

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Though I'm not positive without knowing more about the parameters of your set-up, I would guess that there may be a conflict with your variable name. Try changing the third line to:

var anim = new Kinetic.Animation({

Then on fisherGroup mousedown, call anim.start();

If you're using a framework that extends prototype and uses animation, that may cause an issue. Also, if you have animation set as a global (not declared with var), that may be an issue as well.

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This is not exactly as the tutorial, change it to:

 var animation = new Kinetic.Animation({function (frame) {
       hook.setY(amplitude * Math.sin(frame.time * 2 * Math.PI / period));
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