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So I built my own update class for my theme which works, except not. essentially I am throwing the WordPress error mkdir_failed. I have chmodded the whole folder to 777, both the theme that's being updated, the wp-content and the WordPress folder (sub folders and files included)

-- Note: This is all on a test server so were safe security wise.

I do not understand why this is freaking out when I have the proper permissions.

The following code is a snippit from the class which essentially shows where it freaks out:

$aisis_unzip_to = content_url() . "/themes/" . get_option('template');              
$aisis_do_unzip = unzip_file($aisis_temp_file_download, $aisis_unzip_to);               
var_dump($error = $aisis_do_unzip->get_error_code()); exit;

I have no idea why, when I pretty much said - hello world come in and do what ever, that I would get this error.

Please help.

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Apparently Wordpress likes to magically work. because they implement no patterns or no way of properly writting code, the piled code that sits on top of each other can magically start working

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