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I am trying to execute a thumbnail converter script phantomjs. From my terminal it works fine but in my web page returns 5 code. Is that a problem with the permissions? I am using php 5.3 + MAMP

            $output = array();
            $command = "./bundles/MainBundle/js/phantomjs /bundles/MainBundle/js/convert.js";

HELP! please

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I had the same problem and fixed it by unsetting the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH variable which appears to be set by MAMP but will confuse PhantomJS.

$command = "unset DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH ; ./bundles/MainBundle/js/phantomjs";
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You can also use this method:

In the /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/envvars file and comment the following lines as below:


and restart Apache.

Copied from http://stackoverflow.com/a/10125539/291573

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