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While using Firefox (v16), I've noticed that depending on the URL prefix, a CSS font will or will not load...

By prefix I mean the three letters 'www.'

Here is an example:


When using the 'www' prefix in Firefox, the font doesn't load. Why is this?

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Firefox (and really most any other browser) treats the www subdomain like any other subdomain — that is, a URL with the www subdomain is not the same as one without, even if their second-level and top-level domains are the same, and so are mismatching. If you have mismatching domains, then your @font-face fonts won't load in Firefox. See this answer for details.

The easy way out of this is to either use domain-relative URLs when linking to resources under the same domain (removing the portion of your URLs) or to canonicalize your URL to either always have the www, or never.

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