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Using CoreAudio, I am able to get the sampleRate (frames per second) and the file size, but in order to get the "total" time of the song, I need to know the Real file size of that compressed mp3.

		AudioStreamBasicDescription asbd;
		UInt32 asbdSize = sizeof(asbd);

		// get the stream format.
		err = AudioFileStreamGetProperty(inAudioFileStream, kAudioFileStreamProperty_DataFormat, &asbdSize, &asbd);
		if (err)

		sampleRate = asbd.mSampleRate;

Is there any way I can know the real size of the song using Objective-C?

Thanks in advance.

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See the answer to this question

There's a property you can ask in AudioFileGetProperty called kAudioFilePropertyEstimatedDuration that should do the trick.

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hi pgb, I looked at your answer on the other post u linked to, but I always got the outDataSize to be 0 every time. Can you help me with this? thanks –  SimpleCode Aug 26 '09 at 1:19
Can you post more code? How do you open the file, etc.? –  pgb Aug 26 '09 at 11:35

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