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I'm very new to Akka. I am considering using it in a Java project and I ran into a situation where an Actor can tell messages to other n Actors, everyone of them of the same type. It's kinda like recursion.

Is this considered bad practice? Is this a sign of a design flaw?

Details with best practices to achieve such results are welcome.

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I answered the question, but I'll wait for other views before accepting an answer. – Cacovsky Nov 10 '12 at 19:32
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I later found out by Carl Hewitt, the inventor of the Actor Model himself, in an introductionary talk about actors given to channel9, at 2:16:

(...) in order to come in systems, they [the Actors] have to have addresses, so that one actor can send a message to another actor, and there's no reason an actor like Factorial can't have an address for itself, so that's the way you implement recursion (...)

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