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I need add invisible watermark for user to render data of OpenGL ES 2.0. And if user will do screenshot by home+lock, then watermark will be slightly visible.

How I can do it? Or it's not impossible?

Maybe with blending?

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Home+lock takes a copy of exactly what's on screen when pressed; it doesn't modify anything and you can't change your views programmatically. You therefore can't have a watermark that isn't visible to the user but becomes visible when they take a screenshot.

With blending you could add a watermark that's always visible. With a suitable shader and some basic cryptography you could add a watermark that's invisible to humans but could be detected by software, with varying levels of complexity and robustness.

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thanks! you gave me a way for resolve my issue! :) –  SAKrisT Nov 9 '12 at 20:57

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