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I am trying to find a way to load gmaps4rails map into a custom formtastic field (to be used in Active Admin)

I have this:

class GmapInput < Formtastic::Inputs::StringInput
  def to_html

which is firing, but I am getting the error:

undefined method `gmaps4rails' for #<GmapInput:0x007f9cae5b2780>

I assume this is because gmaps4rails isn't loaded yet. How can I ensure it gets loaded?

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Mmmm, never used formtastic but...

I guess the issue stems from the fact gmaps4rails is a helper and your class doesn't have access to it.

In standard form builder you simply have to do delegate helper's calls to @template ( so @template.gmaps4rails ).

BTW, there is an other weird thing: why do you pass Location.new to gmaps4rails? It couldn't do much with such an object: it expects json.

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