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I am studying mutexes and I am stuck in an exercise. For each file in a given directory, I have to create a thread to read it and display its contents (no problem if order is not correct).

So far, the threads are running this function:

void * reader_thread (void * arg)

    char * file_path = (char*)arg;
    FILE * f;
    char temp[20];
    int value;

    f=fopen(file_path, "r");
    printf("Opened %s.\n",file_path);

    while (fscanf(f, "%s",temp)!=EOF)
        if (!get_number (temp, &value)) /*Gets int value from given string (if numeric)*/
             printf("Thread %lu -> %s: %d\n", pthread_self(), file_path, value );



Being called by a function that receives a DIR pointer, previously created by opendir(). (I have omitted some error checking here to make it cleaner, but I get no error at all.)

int readfiles (DIR * dir, char * path)

    struct dirent * temp = NULL;        
    char  * file_path;
    pthread_t thList [MAX_THREADS];
    int nThreads=0, i;

    memset(thList, 0, sizeof(pthread_t)*MAX_THREADS);

    while((temp = readdir (dir))!=NULL && nThreads<MAX_THREADS) /*Reads files from dir*/

        if (temp->d_name[0] != '.')                     /*Ignores the ones beggining with '.'*/
            get_file_path(path, temp->d_name, file_path);   /*Computes rute (overwritten every iteration)*/
            printf("Got %s.\n", file_path);
            pthread_create(&thList[nThreads], NULL, reader_thread, (void * )file_path)  


    printf("readdir: %s\n", strerror (errno ));     /*Just in case*/

    for (i=0; i<nThreads ; i++)
        pthread_join(thList[i], NULL)

    if (file_path)

    return 0;


My problem here is that, although paths are computed perfectly, the threads don't seem to receive the correct argument. They all read the same file. This is the output I get:

Got test/testB.
Got test/testA.
readdir: Success
Opened test/testA.
Thread 139976911939328 -> test/testA: 3536
Thread 139976911939328 -> test/testA: 37
Thread 139976911939328 -> test/testA: -38
Thread 139976911939328 -> test/testA: -985
Opened test/testA.
Thread 139976903546624 -> test/testA: 3536
Thread 139976903546624 -> test/testA: 37
Thread 139976903546624 -> test/testA: -38
Thread 139976903546624 -> test/testA: -985

If I join the threads before the next one begins, it works OK. So I assume there is a critical section somewhere, but I don't really know how to find it. I have tried mutexing the whole thread function:

void * reader_thread (void * arg)



And also, mutexing the while loop in the second function. Even both at the same time. But it won't work in any way. By the way, mutex_file is a global variable, which is init'd by pthread_mutex_init() in main().

I would really appreciate a piece of advice with this, as I don't really know what I'm doing wrong. I would also appreciate some good reference or book, as mutexes and System V semaphores are feeling a bit difficult to me.

Thank you very much.

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Well, you are passing exactly the same pointer as file path to both threads. As a result, they read file name from the same string and end up reading the same file. Actually, you get a little bit lucky here because in reality you have a race condition — you update the contents of the string pointer by file_path while firing up threads that read from that pointer, so you may end up with a thread reading that memory while it is being changed. What you have to do is allocate an argument for each thread separately (i.e. call malloc and related logic in your while loop), and then free those arguments once thread is exited.

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Thank you very much. Actually, my trouble was the race condition you mentioned, as file_path changes every iteration. I have used the mutex to lock right before get_file_path() and unlock right before fclose(f); in the thread function. Seems to work. Thank you!! – Serge Nov 9 '12 at 21:26

Looks like you're using the same file_path buffer for all threads, just loading it over and over again with the next name. You need to allocate a new string for each thread, and have each thread delete the string after using it.


Since you already have an array of threads, you could just make a parallel array of char[], each holding the filename for the corresponding thread. This would avoid malloc/free.

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