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I'm writing a script that uses curses to produce a main window and a log window at the bottom of the screen.

It seems that when I import pjsua it insists on printing to the screen even though I have set log level to 0. Here's what it outputs:

15:49:09.716 os_core_unix.c !pjlib 2.0.1 for POSIX initialized
15:49:09.844 sip_endpoint.c  .Creating endpoint instance...
15:49:09.844          pjlib  .select() I/O Queue created (0x7f84690decd8)
15:49:09.844 sip_endpoint.c  .Module "mod-msg-print" registered
15:49:09.844 sip_transport.  .Transport manager created.
15:49:09.845   pjsua_core.c  .PJSUA state changed: NULL --> CREATED
15:49:09.896  pjsua_media.c  ..NAT type detection failed: Invalid STUN server or server not configured (PJNATH_ESTUNINSERVER)

Note it doesn't send this through the logging callback, meaning I have no way to put it in the log window with the rest of my logging information. Can anyone give me some advice on dealing with this output please?


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If you can detect which stream it writes to, e.g. sys.stderr, you could redirect it somewhere by simple assignment of sys.stderr to another open file (or even /dev/null ?).

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