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I'm trying to find a method for determining whether to use black or white text, given a background color (as a hex value). Has anyone dealt with this before? Is there an effective way to do this?

In my case, I would be using PHP to implement the logic (though any experience with this in other languages is welcome).

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Take a look at this page: Calculating Color Contrast with PHP

Keep in mind that if black and white are your only choices you're bound to have cases where neither of them works particularly great.

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+1 Calculating the luminance or brightness of the color is far superior to averaging the RGB values. #FF0000 is bright red, not a dark color that the average of 85 would lead you to believe. In the HSB system (0-100% scale for B), you get B=100 for bright red. In the Lab system, you only get 54, probably more useful, since it's above the 50% point, indicating that you should use black against it, not white. –  Warren Young Aug 25 '09 at 23:51
That's a great find! –  Wilco Aug 25 '09 at 23:53

Here is an algorithm that can be used to calculate a luminosity contrast ratio of your text:


You could use this formula with white and black values to calculate which gives you the higher ratio, and thus more readable text.

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You should take a look at the CSS Color library. It's implemented in PHP and does all the hard work for you.

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A simple but not perfect solution would be to sum the individual components (RGB) and the larger this value the 'lighter the color'. So for a high value you could use black as the foreground, and for a low value, use white.

You could then improve this method, making specific cases for greyscale colors (R = G = B), which, except for very dark grey, won't display white text well.

Edit: This of course means you need to know the format of RGB storage in your hex value, standard 24bpp storage is 0x00RRGGBB for the 8 hex digits.

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i would calculate the average value of rgb components and then decide whether to use black or white, e.g. white up to 0x66

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